As green goes mainstream we are starting to see billion dollar green engineering schemes for energy and building.

The problem is one of scale. Bigness is often an issue for greens, many of whom grew up reading one of the movement’s key texts: E. F. Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful. They liked biofuel while it was about recycling cooking fat, but not when it became growing millions of hectares of palm oil in former Borneo rainforest. Solar panels on roofs are good, but covering entire deserts with them is another matter. They like small wind turbines and even small wind farms, but get very jumpy as wind power reaches industrial scale. (link)

Is this a good thing? YES.

Do these large projects create their own problems and scare environmentalists? YES.

Does it come down to the greater good? That’s for you to answer, but probably comes down to an economic case rather than an environmental case.