I recently noted a technical clarification from the Green Building Council that caught my attention.

“For projects that are delivered as shell-and-core, the GBCA will be issuing submission guidelines that will illustrate how this form of project delivery will affect the projects’ compliance with affected credits.”

I asked the Green Building Council about these guidelines as I’d never seen or heard of them and was directed the As-Installed Intergrated / Shell & Core guidelines http://www.gbca.org.au/green-star/technical-clarifications-cir-rulings/green-star-as-built-guidelines/1876.htm

This really confused me as my two affected project as Design Only and not As-Installed.

The Green Building Councils response was “Office Design projects can infer from these guidelines how they should address shell & core projects from a Green Star point of view”

So as I see it now to complete a Greenstar submission you need to abide by the following documents:

  • Greenstar Guide
  • CIRs and Technical Clarifications
  • General Submission requirements
  • Specific guides (docuemntation guides etc)
  • And as they said above “inferred guidelines”

No wonder Greenstar makes my head hurt!