U.S. Green Building Council Honors Brad Pitt for his New Orleans Housing Initiative

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Last Thursday, U.S. Green Building Council President, CEO & Founding Chair Rick Fedrizzi declared that the neighborhood being built by Make It Right New Orleans, the post-Katrina housing initiative launched by actor Brad Pitt, is the “largest and greenest community of single-family homes in the world” at the annualClinton Global Initiative meeting in New York.

Make It Right, which was announced as a “commitment” at the 2007 CGI meeting, has already LEED Platinum certified 13 homes and is building at least 150 sustainable, storm-resistant LEED Platinum homes in a Lower 9th Ward neighborhood of New Orleans wiped out by the Hurricane Katrina and that was nearest to the disastrous breech of the Industrial Canal levee.


Awarded for his post-Katrina housing initiative “Make It Right New Orleans”: Actor Brad Pitt

Quitting the US Chamber of Commerce Newest Eco-Fad? – Triple Pundit

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New York Times
Quitting the US Chamber of Commerce Newest Eco-Fad?
Triple Pundit
Exelon owns nuclear power plants, which, as zerocarbon emitters, would also benefit. But utilities are not the only ones that have a problem with the
Utilities Abandon Business Group Over Climate BillCBS News

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200 Bearded Vultures Spotted Near India-China Border

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Bearded vulture image for article about lammergeiers sighted in India near China border

Scientists and wildlife enthusiasts are excited about seeing bearded vultures in Himachal Pradesh, near the Chinese border.

Now that vultures have tragically become a rare sight in India, seeing nearly 200 of them is a thrilling event – even though bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) are not presently an endangered species.

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shigeru ban: paper tower

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looking up the paper tower
image © designboom

shigeru ban‘s paper tower is part of the size + matter project which matches
leading architects and designers with a chosen material, asking them to push the
boundaries of that material’s potential, and to also challenge our perception of those
materials by demonstrating new applications and forms for them.

New Dow Corning Coating Speeds Up Solar Assembly-Line

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Not every breakthrough in the solar industry comes from efficiency gains from esoteric new Silicon Valley start-ups (though these are being catapulted by the recent funding bonanza) and university labs.

Some come from understanding that half the cost of a solar installation is just the cost of getting boots up on your roof, like for any other roofing job. One block off the grid reduces that cost by aggregating homeowners into groups to go solar together.

Some breakthroughs come when utility-scale solar companies forge innovative partnerships with housing developers rather than keep on battling NIMBY transmission costs, as BrightSource just did to meet itscontract with PG&E for RPS solar power.

Others are starting to happen as titans of industry like Dow Corning gear up to develop the little extras that smooth the assembly line process to speed up production-lines.

Because in manufacturing, assembly-line efficiency determines production costs:

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Space radiation hits record high

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Like a wounded Starship Enterprise, our solar system’s natural shields are faltering, letting in a flood of cosmic raysmf.gif

More CO2 for a Greener World: One From the Tobacco Advertiser’s Playbook

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In April of 1994 CEO’s from the leading tobacco companies appeared before Congress and said, one by one and under oath, that . That may have been the last dying gasp of organized denial of the dangers inherent in smoking.

What the tobacco industry learned from the early days of “” cigarettes through to that hearing in ‘94, was that all it took to sell the idea that smoking was good for you – or at least not that bad – was a dose of misinformation combined with a perception of scientific legitimacy in questioning established research. By tossing out a reasonable sounding tidbit of information you can keep uncertainty alive in the public’s mind andthwart progress.

Which leads to the obvious conclusion that if plants need CO2 to grow, then more CO2, not less, is what the world needs now.

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Super High Speed Rail for China — $4 Billion Purchase

from Green Options by Zachary Shahan

China just awarded Bombardier Sifang a contract to build 80 “very high speed trains” for the country. These are super progressive trains that are energy efficient as well as lightning fast. China intends to invest a total of $300 billion in high speed trains by 2020.

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Scientists Use Weed Killer to Make Cheap Sugar-Based Fuel Cell

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This is one of those topics I’m just not sure what to think of…

When the average person hears the term fuel cell, typically what comes to mind is something that mysteriously makes electricity from hydrogen. In reality the process isn’t all that mysterious—basically the hydrogen is split into its component parts (electrons and protons) and the protons are allowed to flow through the cell, but the electrons are forced to travel another path, which creates the current (and charges the battery or runs the motors or turns on the lights).

Although the hydrogen fuel cell is the most common type of cell, you can make fuel cells that use many different things, including hydrocarbons and sugars. They all work on the same basic principal, but hydrogen fuel cells are considered superior because their only emission is water vapor and they produce lots of energy.

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Diana Balmori’s Bilbao Jardín Garden Climbs the Stairs

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As a member of the jury for the second edition of the International Urban Garden Competition “Bilbao Jardín 2009”, Diana Balmori of New York-based Balmori Associates was invited to create a garden. Dr. Balmori chose to sit the garden on the steps between two Arata Isozaki towers leading to Santiago Calatrava’s footbridge over the Nervión River.

The garden compliments the list of numerous projects of Balmori Associates in Bilbao that includes Abandoibarra Master Plan (competition winner, 1997), Plaza Euskadi (under construction), Campa de los Ingleses (competition winner, 2007), and the most recent selection of Balmori Associates as finalist in the Bay of Pasaia Master Plan Competition (previously on Bustler).

Bilbao Jardin 2009 Garden - Balmori Associates

Click above image to enlarge
The 2009 Bilbao Jardín Garden by Balmori Associates, Photo: Iwan Baan

Allied Works Architecture Wins National Music Center in Canada

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image The Cantos Music Foundation made the announcement that Allied Works Architecture and local partner BKDI have been selected to design Cantos� new National Music Centre at the King Eddy site in Calgary�s East Village. Bustler

Pain in the glass: Cleaning the Burj Dubai

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Pain in the glass: Cleaning the Burj Dubai Sept 25, Dubai

Daredevil window cleaners add sparkle to the world’s tallest building. What does it take to clean the windows of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai? This comedy video brings home the magnitude of the task. Developed by Emaar Properties, the Burj is about 2,683 ft high (818m) and is thought to have topped out. It has 142,000 sq m of windows…more.

Qatar to Green the Desert, Opening Agriculture and Pastoral Lands

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Qatar’s Ministry of the Environment is working with Damascus-based Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) to convert Qatar’s desert regions into pastoral and agricultural lands. Greening the Qatari desert is a priority for the government, attempting to undo the effects of modern rangeland management techniques.

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Arabtec wins Russian supertall tower contract

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Arabtec wins Russian supertall tower contract Sept 27, St. Petersburg

Burj Dubai builders Arabtec have signed the first contract for foundation testing work on Europe’s tallest skyscraper project. The deal, worth US$13.6 million (AED50 million) will see the UAE construction group test five deep foundation barrettes, extending to 70m into the soft ground, to establish their build ability in the site subsoil and their bearing capacity to support the main 400m high tower at the Okhta Centre development in St. Petersburg…more

Hong Kong’s old airport set for multibillion-dollar takeoff

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Hong Kong's old airport set for multibillion-dollar takeoff Sept 29, Hong Kong

HONG KONG: It’s probably the most valuable strip of derelict land in the world. The defunct Kai Tak airport sits right in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour and is estimated to be worth up to 40 billion dollars – the equivalent, experts say, of around 30 of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. “It is a jewel,” said Nicholas Brooke, chairman of Hong Kong-based Professional Property Services…more

Putting Greenwich Street Back Together

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Putting Greenwich Street Back Together Sept 29, New York

The owner of a downtown strip club wants the city, somebody, anybody, to spruce up his neighborhood. His business improvement district, the Alliance for Downtown New York, is taking up the cause. The alliance is releasing a study that recommends a series of changes in the area of Lower Manhattan directly south of the World Trade Center site, an area shaken hard by ground zero construction and the recession…more