ROW studio: recent projects

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ROW studio, is an architecture and design firm based in mexico city. it was founded by alvaro hernández felix and alfonso maldonado ochoa in 2005 who were joined a year later by partner nadia hernández félix. the studio sent us some of their recent projects.

World’s tallest rocket roars away, captured in spectacular photo

from DVICE by Charlie White

World's tallest rocket roars away, captured in spectacular photo

You’re looking at the 253.2-foot Delta 4-Heavy lifting off from launch complex 37B at Cape Canaveral, and yes, that’s actually a photograph. Good thing the camera was remotely triggered by photographer Ben Cooper, who used sound activation to snap this shot while he was safely ensconced 3 miles away.

We feel sorry for that camera, though, whose lens was destroyed. The good news is, the camera itself somehow survived this hellish inferno as the world’s tallest unmanned rocket roared away from its launchpad. This is such a spectacular photo, we thought at first it was an illustration. Nice work, Mr. Cooper.

Airliners, via Gizmodo

Bra-cum-gas mask wins IgNobel prize

from DVICE by Addy Dugdale

Bra-cum-gas mask wins IgNobel prize

An Illinois doctor won the Public Health section of the IgNobel awards at Harvard University last night, for her invention of a bra that converts into two gas masks. Organized by the magazine Annals of Improbable Research, the gongs are handed out to people whose achievements “make people laugh and then make people think.”

Other winners included the Zimbabwe Reserve bank for issuing bank notes ranging from one Zimbabwean cent to 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars (Mathematics) and, my favorite, the Peace Prize. That was trousered by a bunch of guys from Bern, Switzerland, who experimented to discover which was worse: being smashed over the head by an empty beer bottle; or being smashed over the head by a full one. My money’s on the full one — what a waste.

Improbable Research Via Telegraph

Cruise Ships Embrace Alternative Energy for Greener Travel

from Green Options by Beth Graddon-Hodgson

Cruise ships lead the pack amongst the world’s top polluters in the transportation industry. If you’re a green-minded person who’s been dreaming of a tropical cruise this winter, but don’t want to lend your support to an industry that is a major polluter, you can reconsider because even cruise lines are trying to go green and do their part to reducing the world’s carbon emissions and overall waste pollution.

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Electric car batteries with 500-mile range on the way?

from DVICE by Charlie White

Electric car batteries with 500-mile range on the way?

We’re stoked about electric cars, but unless their range can exceed the 100 miles or so of today’s electro-cars, they’re going to be a nonstarter with mainstream consumers. IBM aims to change all that with its Battery 500 Project, just kicked off at the company’s Alamaden Laboratory in San Jose, California.

They’re pooling the resources of 40 of the world’s best engineers and scientists, with a goal of creating lithium-air batteries with a 500-mile range, 200 miles farther than a typical gasoline-fueled car. Not only do they intend to make car batteries more efficient, they also aim to make them smaller and much lighter.

If IBM can create a 500-mile car battery cheap enough for the rest of us to afford, we might all be driving electric cars a few years from now. Armed with an impressive brain trust, key patents, and hopefully some serious economic-stimulus bucks, the Battery 500 Project could change the world.

Smarter Technology, via Engadget

Hopping Mad: Kangaroo Cull Before Big Auto Race Causes Outrage

from Green Options by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

140 eastern grey kangaroos have been shot days before race car drivers take off during Australia’s famous motorcar race. The annual V8 Supercar Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 race takes place October 8 through 11, 2009, at the Mount Panorama race track.

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BMW Lovos Feeds On Solar Energy, Human Corpses

from Gizmodo Australia by Jesus Diaz

The BMW Lovos—a beautiful solar-powered car from hell—is one of those concept cars that looks as amazing as it is probably useless. And dangerous. Just imagine those metal scales slicing through a pedestrian’s body. (more…)

Biomega’s Boston Folding Bike Cannot Be Stolen And Ridden Away

from Gizmodo Australia by Joanna Stern

If Biomega’s Boston folding bike could laugh when somebody tried to steal it, it would. It has an integrated lock and if a thief cuts the wire it becomes unrideable. Even though it’s part of the frame, it is repairable. (more…)

Rich countries ‘must slash living standards’ to fight climate change – Times Online

from zero carbon – Google News

Times Online
Rich countries ‘must slash living standards’ to fight climate change
Times Online
It says that Britain should commit to making all energy, including for electricity, heating and cars, zerocarbon by 2025, at least 25 years earlier than

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pei cobb freed & partners: waverock

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image courtesy imagefiction

in the high-tech and financial area of gachibowli in the western historic core of
hyderabad, india, pei, cobb, freed & partners has been asked to create a building complex.
currently under construction, the waverock will serve as a benchmark for sustainability
and provide a bold statement in the fast-developing city. the complex will provide
office space, retail, amenities and parking for multiple tenants.

augmented reality business card

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german designer jonas jager developed an unusual business card that uses augmented reality to display his contact information and samples of his design work. when held up to a web camera the card comes alive, showing a portrait of jager. the card features two small squares with a pattern printed on the front. the smaller square is a qr code filled with the information on the card and the larger square is a reference for the web cam. jager programmed the card so that users can call him online to talk or view his design portfolio. the interactive card allows the user to flip the card around seeing full 3-d images.

Is the US Climate Illiterate?

from Green Options by Zachary Shahan

“The United States is in a sense climate illiterate still,” Hans Schellnhuber, the director of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said earlier this week.

He wasn’t just comparing the US to the EU, however. Even developing nations seem to know more about the issue and the potential results of inaction.

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Bangladeshi Farmer Slaughters 83,000 Rats, Gets Crappy 14-Inch TV

from Gizmodo Australia by Matt Buchanan

Bangladesh has a disgusting rat problem: It imports three million tons of food a year, and rats destroy 1.5-2 million tons of it. So the government made killing rats a legit sport, with prizes. (more…)

Cyclopedia AR iPhone App Drenches Your World In Wikipedia

from Gizmodo Australia by John Herrman

App concepts don’t get much simpler than this, or much cooler: Cyclopedia takes Wikipedia’s tens of thousands of geotagged entries, and overlays them onto a live, compass-oriented view of your surroundings. (more…)