Mision 2020: A Clean and Dolphin Filled Ganges

from Green Options by Govind Singh

Sunrise Over River Ganga

Ganga, the holiest of holy rivers in the Indian sub-continent is also one of the most polluted rivers in the region. Last year, after much lobbying, Ganga was declared the National River of India owing to its religious as well as environmental significance. However, just that could never have been enough for cleaning a river on which millions of Rupees have already been spent.

Now, the Union Environment Minister of India Mr. Jairam Ramesh, who had previously unveiled the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA), has put the NBRBA on a “mission mode” to clean the river by 2020. And his indicator for success is not clear blue waters but the return of the Gangetic dolphins that were once sighted in the river in plenty!

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david adjaye: washington projects

from Designboom – Weblog

francis a. gregory library by adjaye associates

david adjaye is making his mark on washington, as well as his winning proposal for the national museum
of african american history and culture he has designed two libraries for the city (replacements for the
francis a. gregory library and the washington highlands library). adjaye recently gave a speech in
the US capital, where he addressed some of the locals’ concerns over his designs.

UNStudio / Ben van Berkel Selected to Design Football Stadium in Dalian, China

from Bustler.net News by Vanilla Hustler

Amsterdam-based UNStudio has won the limited competition for a 40,000 spectator football stadium for the most successful club in the Chinese Super League: Dalian Shide FC. The stadium will be built in the club’s hometown of the city of Dalian, on the southern tip of Liaodong peninsula in Northeast China.

 The design for the 38,500 m2 stadium has been inspired by the colorful layering and overlapping of the ancient Chinese cuju football.


UNStudio’s competition-winning design for the new Dalian football stadium

The design weaves together the collective spirit of the spectators with the public realm and the urban context of the building. The main stadium houses spectator seating, TV broadcasting center, administration areas, VIP lounge, players facilities and public concourse in a layered envelope which extends on ground level to provide outdoor public areas above decked parking facilities. In addition, the design incorporates two training fields on the 144,000 m2 site.


Visualization of the spectators area

Santiago Calatrava’s Next Sculpture: The Li�ge-Guillemins Railway Station

from Archinect.com Feed

by Carly Erin O’NeilThere is something to be said about an artist combining both the elegance of the aesthetic and a keen sensibility technically. Sistine Chapels are built, and while I don’t gander to compare anyone to Michelangelo, I�m willing to bet you will feel the same awesome presence that chapel takes on when walking into Santiago Calatrava’s structures. You feel a rush, the adrenaline pulses through you as though your feet are no longer anchored to the ground, that you are elevated up amongst the arcs and then the complicated transverse geometries all of a sudden seem soft like clouds. This is true of his latest sculpture, the high speed accessible Li�ge-Guillemins train station in historic, quaint and rugged Li�ge, Belgium.
Calatrava has a fondness for the city after spending nearly 11 years bouncing in and out during the construction and sees the importance of Li�ge�s history as an industrial area prior to the steelworks collapse, and feels a need to recognize the strong foundation needed for Li�ge to become a viable gateway city. �You can understand the importance of a city by looking at the industrial developed areas, and core-head of the industry in this part of the world,� says Calatrava. He feels as though �industrial� does not assume an eventual decline into degradation, but instead should still serve as a hallmark to the integrity of the city and its resources. This area of Li�ge has suffered greatly during the past 50 years, due to the overdevelopment of the Meuse river borders, highway construction, and a multitude of train lines. Calatrava has hopes for a sustainable development, and plans to open again a channel to the Meuse River, the �Avenue de la Libert�. The intended Avenue is a grand promenade, flanked on either side with regal buildings in the traditional Belgian style, and a greenway that leads to the banks of the Meuse.image↑ Click image to enlarge
Train Station in Li�ge-Guillemins, Belgium by Santiago Calatrava Photo: Joao Carlos
image↑ Click image to enlarge
Photo: Joao Carlos

ShowCase: Youth Center and Sports Complex Saint-Cloud

from Archinect.com Feed

ShowCase is an on-going feature series on Archinect, presenting exciting new work from designers representing all creative fields and all geographies. We are always accepting nominations for upcoming ShowCase features – if you would like to suggest a project, please send us a message.
This building is not lacking in selfconfidence. As proof, you only have to take the second left along the Avenue de Longchamps from the Les C�teaux tramway Station in Saint-Cloud. No sooner have you left behind a quiet row of smart private houses in the traditional millstone grit Parisian style with front steps and plane trees than you come face to face with an odd-looking building, imposing but also childishly simple, more cubist than cube-shaped, decidedly “flashy”, evoking happy memories of a child’s toy.image↑ Click image to enlarge
Photo: Stephan Lucas

Cool Energy’s SolarHeart Brings Solar Power to Cold Climates

from Green Options by Tina Casey

Homes in colder climates could generate their own electricity with SolarHeart, Cool Energy's low-temperature solar engine.

Building solar power plants in the desert is a no-brainer, but until now there hasn’t been a cost-efficient way to provide solar power directly to homes in colder, cloudier parts of the word. Cool Energy, Inc. believes it can do just that. Last month the Boulder, Colorado based company announced the release of SolarHeart, an engine designed for home use that can convert low-temperature solar energy into sustainable electricity, and also saving up to 75% on heating oil or propane.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Mandatory in France by 2015

from Green Options by Beth Graddon-Hodgson

Last week, France unveiled plans to go electric, making it both possible and convenient for commuters in the nation to purchase and engage in the regular use of hybrid vehicles. To date, the lack of charging stations in France has made it difficult for drivers to adopt the more eco-friendly method of transportation, and France is ready to change that, in turn reducing their carbon footprint.

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Aptera’s Odds of Federal Funding Looking Up

from Wired: Autopia by Chuck Squatriglia


The odds that Uncle Sam will help Aptera Motors build the funky 2e improved a bit when the House of Representatives approved legislation making three-wheelers eligible for those loans the Department of Energy is giving automakers.

KMA: great street games

from Designboom – Weblog

image © KMA, courtesy of the bupa great north run cultural programme

KMA: great street games
from: 29th october – 1st november (17.30 – late)
locations: baltic square – gateshead, centre square – middlesbrough, old fire station – sunderland

Crank This Battery To Charge Up

from Gizmodo Australia by Rosa Golijan

The Wind Up Battery is a rechargeable battery with a little pop-out hand-crank to power up using some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. I’d probably looks like an idiot using it, but better than suffering without a AA. (more…)

Mazda Will Raise $1.1 Billion For Hybrid Research

from Green Options by Christopher DeMorro

Mazda, one of the few manufacturers to stay out of the hybrid car craze, has announced they will raise over $1 billion for hybrid research by issuing 315.2 million shares of their stock. As someone who questions the practicality of hybrids, this news is rather disappointing to me personally. You might call me a “hybrid hater.”

But what about hydrogen, Mazda? Le sigh…

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Columbia Bugathermo Boots Keep Your Feet Toasty With Batteries

from Gizmodo Australia by Adam Frucci

These boots will keep your feet extra warm, as they use built-in rechargeable batteries to heat them up for 4-8 hours straight. (more…)

White Arkitekter Wins Southend Pier Competition

from Bustler.net News by Vanilla Hustler

The Southend-on-Sea Borough Council in Essex, England announced the winner of the Southend Pier Head design contest: renowned Swedish based landscape architecture firm White arkitekter.

The company – which has also won awards for other maritime architecture projects throughout the world – clinched the top place with a design called ‘Sculpted by Wind and Wave.’ This winning scheme was chosen from among 73 international and local entries for the competition run by the Landscape Institute on behalf of the Council. The competition was run with the support of RIBA Competitions.

White Arkitekter Wins Southend Pier Competition

Click above image to enlarge
Winning Design at the Southend Pier Head Competition: ‘Sculpted by Wind and Wave’ by White arkitekter

The four other shortlisted design teams were:

  • Wilkinson Eyre Architects with Schonherr Landscape and Conisbee
  • Hugh Broughton Architects with Land Use Consultants, SKM and Spiers and Major Associates
  • HOK
  • LandLab with Ushida Findlay Architects, Atkins Bennett and United Creatives.

The Landscape Institute is an educational charity and chartered body responsible for protecting, conserving and enhancing the natural and built environment for the benefit of the public. This contest aimed to encourage ways to revitalize the Pier Head environment and devise innovative designs, enabling established leisure, recreation and tourism uses, to continue in an attractive, high quality and appealing setting.

White Arkitekter Wins Southend Pier Competition

Click above image to enlarge
White arkitekter’s Proposed Design: ‘Sculpted by Wind and Wave’

honda ev-n

from Designboom – Weblog

the ev-n is a new electric compact car which honda will officially debut at the tokyo motor show. the new
vehicle is part of a series of electric cars, honda will be showcasing this fall. the car runs on an electric
battery and features a large solar roof to generate additional power. inside the car will feature customizable
seat covers and a small electric unicycle inside the passenger’s side door. the car’s front is a flat-panel with
embedded lighting which can shine a variety of patterns. the back seats of the small car even fold flat for
extra cargo room.

China: Climate talks sabotaged

from Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News

climate-carbon-emissions-changing-surface-temp-projection-2300-sm.jpgBangkok (UPI) Oct 5, 2009 – Industrialized nations are trying to “sabotage” a treaty to combat global warming in advance of the December climate summit in Copenhagen, China’s chief climate negotiator said Monday.