REX architecture: sitra – low2no sustainable development, finland

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sitra, the finnish innovation fund low2no sustainable development, helsinki, finland
image courtesy REX architecture

american firm REX architecture received 2nd prize in the low2no sustainable
development competition sponsored by sitra, the finnish innovation fund in helsinki, finland.

the structure contains 14 000m2 of residential units, 8000m2 of headquarters and 13 200m2
of ‘urban infill’.

image courtesy REX architecture

evolving from helsinki’s traditional perimeter block fabric, a new building typology
re-injects population into the urban core, optimizing the city center’s underused
infrastructure and amenities.

image courtesy REX architecture

yonoh: ‘box’ – a modular bathroom system

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interior of the box with all modules together

during 100% design london, the winners of the roca jumpthegap contest
(dealing with bathroom products intended for architectural construction and interior spaces)
were announced. one of the finalists was valencia-based studio yonoh who designed ‘box’,
a modular bathroom system made from several parts: one including a watercloset and wash-basin,
another containing the shower, a small seat, two shelves with towel racks and the last component
meant to serve as an expansion piece to enlarge the bathroom and which also includes
extra storage space.

Collapsible bike where even the wheels fold

from DVICE by Addy Dugdale

Collapsible bike where even the wheels fold

Foldable bikes are nothing new, really, but here’s a concept that did have me choking on my morning cuppa. Victor Aleman has designed a cycle with collapsible wheels that breaks down into a space-saving box of tininess. I bet it would be a bugger to reassemble, though. Click through the gallery to see just how hard a job it’s going to be.

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BMW Brings Back the C1, and This Time It’s Electric

from Wired: Autopia by Keith Barry


As a study for a safe urban motorcycling project, BMW Motorrad has resurrected their C1 covered two-wheeler for a one-off electric concept they call C1-E.

The C1-E was designed to highlight safety in low-emissions “single track” vehicles designed for urban use. As such, it sports the same roll cage, seat belt and windscreen as the erstwhile production C1. While BMW said that future single-track production vehicles may feature low-emission gasoline engines or electric motors, the C1-E swaps the original C1’s Rotax 4-stroke gas engine in favor of a Vectrix electric motor and lithium-ion battery.

Airbags Help Airlines Meet New Safety Regs

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Contrary to popular belief, most airliner accidents are survivable. Many crashes are relatively slow impacts where the forces on passengers are similar to those experienced in a car accident. For that reason, airlines are cribbing from automotive technology that has protected drivers for years — airbags. It could help them meet new federal safety regulations.

I. M. pei awarded the royal gold medal for architecture

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pei’s louvre pyramid in paris image

chinese born american architect I.M. pei who is best known in europe for his
transformation of the louvre in paris, was yesterday named as the recipient of one
of the world’s most prestigious architecture prizes, the royal gold medal.

given in recognition of a lifetime’s work, the royal gold medal is approved personally
by her majesty the queen and is given to a person or group of people who have had
a significant influence ‘either directly or indirectly on the advancement of architecture’.

the 92 year old who founded pei cobb freed and partners more than 50 years ago,
continues to work as a consultant, although he retired from full time practice in 1990.
he has completed over 170 architects and more than 50 master plans. in recent years
he has completed major museum projects in luxembourg, china and qatar.

I. M. pei will be presented with the royal gold medal on 11 february 2010 (TBC) at
a ceremony at the royal institute of british architects in london.

i.m. pei image

Dow Powerhouse solar panels look like ordinary rooftop shingles

from DVICE by Charlie White

Dow Powerhouse solar panels look like ordinary rooftop shingles

Dow Solar Solutions figured out a way to make solar panels look just like regular roofing shingles. Dow is launching these Powerhouse Solar Shingles next year, claiming they’ll be 30 to 40% cheaper than other solar panels that look like roofing tiles. The company said the shingles will be more than 10% efficient, but cost around 15% less on a per-watt basis.

Because these Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems require no specialized knowledge of solar systems to install, regular roofers will be comfortable attaching these to your roof. We especially like their inconspicuous nature, certain to pass muster with even the snobbiest architectural control committees. This could be the start of a new wave of revolutionary photovoltaic devices.

Here’s a close-up of the solar shingles:

Reuters, via Treehugger

Our Shrinking Earth

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Our Shrinking EarthNo data

Elithis Tower: The World�s First Energy Positive Office Building

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imageFor most sustainability-minded architects, a net zero energy building is the holy grail. But Elithis Tower, located in Dijon, France, has surpassed the net zero energy ideal to become the first energy positive office building, meaning it creates more power than it uses. The building, which was designed by Arte Charpentier Architects, also produces six times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional office structures. Inhabitat

Maldives cabinet dives in

from BBC News | Science & Environment | UK Edition

Maldives ministers train in preparation for an underwater cabinet meeting highlighting the effects of climate change.

Climate Change Puts South India Under Water

from Green Options by Govind Singh

Disaster Management Team Distributes Relief Material to Flood affected people

Even as the world prepares for the grand climate meet at Copenhagen this December, a large part of South India has gone under water. And while talks have already begun on coming up with an equitable deal and the very fear that there may be none, over 300 people have already lost their lives while millions are displaced and missing in this global warming related freak weather event, predicted well in advance by the IPCC in its Fourth Assessment Report in 2007.

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NL architects: water wonen

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‘water wonen’ by NL architects
image courtesy NL architects

water wonen by dutch firm NL architects investigates the possibilities of living on water,
or land that is flooded in case of heavy rain.
water wonen = liquid urbanism

water wonen emerged from a simple observation: 
why are houseboats not self-propelled?

‘water wonen’ by NL architects
image courtesy NL architects

Apple is Next to Leave US Chamber of Commerce, Forcefully

from Green Options by Zachary Shahan

Following action by Nike, the nation’s leading utility company, and others, Apple resigned from the US Chamber of Commerce this week, and in force.

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Unfurl The Rolltop (The Flexible OLED Display Laptop)!

from Gizmodo Australia by Joanna Stern

Holy crap, one day I could roll my laptop up just like my yoga mat?! I don’t care if this is just a concept for now, Orkin Design’s Rolltop is freaking awesome. (more…)

10 Most Dangerous Regulated Foods?

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ten most dangerous regulated foods
Photo: chooyutshing, Flickr

Bon appétit?

On Tuesday, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) released its list of Top 10 riskiest foods policed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According the the report, the items on the “FDA Top 10” account for nearly 40-percent of all reported foodborne outbreaks since 1990. The CSPI is a non-profit food safety and public health organization.

The FDA regulates nearly 80 percent of the nation’s food supply including fruits and vegetables, seafood, egg and dairy products and most packaged foods.

But are they being overly cautious? Read the list after the jump.

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Plasma rocket: Earth to Mars in 39 days

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Plasma rocket: Earth to Mars in 39 days

There’s been lots of talk about plasma rockets for decades, but the Ad Astra Rocket Company just finished testing the most powerful plasma engine on Earth. It’s not just some pipe dream, either — this small-scale prototype actually works, cranking out 201kW in a vacuum chamber. Planning to take the tech out of the lab and into space, the company just signed an agreement with NASA to test its VASMIR (Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket) engine on the International Space Station in 2013.

The VASMIR technology uses magnetic fields to force the fired-up plasma out the back, sipping cheap argon, hydrogen, argon, and neon fuel. While that 200 kW engine is a good start, Ad Astra vows to create a 10 to 20MW version that can zip humans to Mars in 39 days — that’s a whole lot faster than that “unsustainable” ideainvolving six months of space travel using conventional rockets. Check out this video of the engine’s record-breaking test:

Waste trafficking

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Waste traffickingNo data

House Fail

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epic fail pictures

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