Segway Concept Emboldens Mall Security With Aggressive Lines, Comfy Seats

from Gizmodo Australia by Jack Loftus

Behold, today’s dose of mall cop pornography. (more…)

Amazing Student-Made Solar Homes Compete In Solar Decathalon

from Gizmodo Australia by Dan Nosowitz

The Solar Decathalon, a 10-criteria (it’s a little bit of a stretch to decathalon, but that’s okay) judging contest, just completed this year’s competition, and there are some incredible works here. I love that each group used its hometown aesthetic.(more…)

Embodied Energy vs. Wrecking Ball

from Feed

In search of a bold argument to trump the apetite for profit making that fuels the commercial real estate industry’s engine, Christopher Hawthorne of L.A. Times suggests a green environment accounting methodology, embodied energy, could supply a strong case for the preservationists to save some landmark buildings of 1960’s from the wrecking ball. L.A. Times

centre pompidou metz by shigeru ban

from Designboom – Weblog

Top 10 Solar Technologies to Watch Out For

from Green Options by Derek Markham

Solar power technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds, with some new advancements being built out into usable installations virtually every day. Design concepts once thought to be ‘pie in the sky’ ideas are being implemented, and making a simple solar panel array look like old-school technology.

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MIT Roof Tiles Save Energy in All Climates

from Green Options by Susan Kraemer

A team of students at MIT has just developed a temperature sensitive roof tile that turns black and absorbs heat in cold weather, and turns white, reflecting heat away when it’s hot.

In cold weather, the polymer stays dissolved and the black backing shows through, but exposed to heat, tiny droplets form and scatter the light back to produce a white appearance. The tiles reflected 80% of the sunlight falling on them when white, and only 30% when black.

The cooling needs would then be reduced 20%.

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True Beauty: The Winning 2014 Asian Games Stadium Design

from Gizmodo Australia by Rosa Golijan

We can argue about whether it looks like an alien spaceship, a colony on a distant planet or something else, but let’s agree that the winning stadium design for the 2014 Asian Games is mind-blowingly gorgeous. (more…)

Calling EPA: Heat Exchange Can Make Clothes Dryers Efficient

from Green Options by Susan Kraemer

You knew you keep a fire in a box in your laundry room, right? Not only is that kind of a scary thought, but it’s an extremely inefficient way to dry clothes; lighting a fire every time you turn on the clothes dryer. Lint catches fire all the time. But even worse, that natural gas emits carbon dioxide and is likely the second most extravagant energy expenditure in your home after the fridge.

We can do something about the fridge by buying an Energy Star rated efficient one, but until now, inexplicably, clothes dryers have not been rated under the Energy Star program.

You have to wonder why there has been so little move to improve energy efficiency in the second biggest energy guzzler in most homes…in a nation that uses 25% of the world’s energy.

Here’s a company that can make a clothes dryer 50% more efficient with a heat exchanger. Hydromatic. So why has their idea not been incorporated into clothes dryers?

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RMJM: win islamic architecture award for zliten campus, libya

from Designboom – Weblog

zliten campus at asmariya university for islamic sciences by RMJM architects
image courtesy RMJM architects

RMJM architects have received the islamic architecture award for their work on
the zliten campus at asmariya university for islamic sciences in libya at the cityscape
awards in dubai, 2009.

the zliten campus is a new branch of al asmariya university, located 75 miles southeast
of tripoli. RMJM’s architects designed a campus master plan for the development of
the 202-acre site. core academic functions are organized in four quadrants within
a perimeter habitable wall that houses faculty offices and academic support functions.

with a total build-out of more than 1 million square feet, the new campus provides
academic and support buildings, a conference and student center as well as
administration, library, recreation and residential spaces for a population of 4,600 students.

image courtesy RMJM architects

image courtesy RMJM architects

acme: seoul museum of art

from Designboom – Weblog

seoul museum of art by acme
image courtesy acme

london based architectural firm acme have sent us in images of their project
seoul museum of art.

Norway 1st Rich Nation to Commit to 40% Reductions

from Green Options by Zachary Shahan

Norway committed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020 this week. This is the most ambitious goal of any rich nation to date.

Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenberg (just re-elected) is meeting the requests of many developing nations and environmental NGOs with this commitment.

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90% of Coal Plant CO2 Captured in 12-Month Test

from Green Options by Susan Kraemer

One year ago the French company Alstom began a year-long US test of capturing CO2 from the water+carbon-dioxide mix created using their chilled-ammonia technology, in the smokestack of the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant in Wisconsin.

This week the year’s results were announced. The years average CO2 capture rate was 90%, according to a joint announcement from the EPRI, We Energies and Alstom to the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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Biology at the Border: An Interview with Alison Bashford

from BLDGBLOG by Geoff Manaugh

This autumn in New York City, Edible Geography and BLDGBLOG have teamed up to lead an 8-week design studio focusing on the spatial implications of quarantine; you can read more about it here. For our studio participants, we have been assembling a coursepack full of original content and interviews—but we decided that we should make this material available to everyone so that even those people who are not in New York City, and not enrolled in the quarantine studio, can still follow along, offer commentary, and even be inspired to pursue projects of their own.

[Image: Thermal scanners at the Seoul international airport; photo by Jung Yeon-Je for Reuters, via Time].

Safety Fail

from FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments by Cheezburger Network

epic fail pictures