Air Multiplier: Dyson attacks the table fan, kills the blades

from DVICE by Peter Pachal

Air Multiplier: Dyson attacks the table fan, kills the blades

Putting it kindly, the Dyson brand has made a name for itself by taking tired product categories and reinventing them, making things like vacuums and hand dryers more effective, high-tech and sexier. Putting it unkindly, it’s a company based on trying to find the most expensive ways to move air.

Whatever Dyson really does, it’s now doing it to the table fan. The Dyson Air Multiplier is the company’s take on this all-too-common product. The AM’s main upgrade: It does away with fan blades, instead using “unique technology” to blow air away from a large plastic ring, attached to a motorized base.

We got a chance to check out an Air Multiplier personally this afternoon. Our hands-on impressions after the Continue jump, along with price and availability information.

impromptu arquitectos + selahattin tuysuz architects : proposal for cycling bridge lisbon

from Designboom – Weblog

design proposal of cycling bridge in lisbon by impromptu arquitectos
image courtesy impromptu arquitectos

portugese firm impromptu arquitectos together with international firm selahattin tuysuz
have sent us in images of their proposal for a cycling bridge in lisbon.

the design intends to be an iconic landmark flying delicately over the busy road of
‘2ª circular’. based in the shape of number ‘eight’, with an unsymmetrical arrangement,
it combines in a single and continuous object the three main components of the bridge:
the deck, the two access ramps and a suspension arch. the bridge geometry generates
a dynamic visual experience, since it offers a rich diversity of forms varying according
from where it is approach, both for the pedestrians and cyclists as well as the drivers
passing under.

the bridge is structurally based on a deck supported by an arch. besides the forces
from the structural behavior in the vertical plan, the geometry of the bridge induces
torsions and biaxial bending in the section. due to the type of efforts (biaxial bending
with torsion) it is foreseen in the arch a steel box section and in the deck a similar box
section with the top flange constituted by a composite floor-slab providing the basis for
the pavement.

image courtesy impromptu arquitectos


from Designboom – Weblog

artists mags harries and lajos heder designed an electric garden filled with a collection of sunflower solar
collectors. the installation is located in austin, texas and consists of 15 flower-like elements which capture
energy from the sun and light up at night. the sunflowers generate enough energy during the day to power
the lights at night and all additional power is routed into the grid for credit. the lighting is produced by
a series of LEDs arranged on the flowers. the unusual shape of the panels required them to be custom
made. in addition, a special transparent blue gel was sandwiched into the panels to create shade for the
bike path below, creating a blue light.

FlowerEYE Pot Examines The Lightning Bolts Under The Soil

from Gizmodo Australia by Mark Wilson

The FlowerEYE pot tracks soil humidity, light levels and ambient temperature, all while displaying a plant’s root system like an episode of Storm Stories. If only this ultimate flowerpot technology actually existed, our perennials would rise again. [HomeTone via Unplggd]

Stonehenge lays out the welcome mat

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imageA computer-generated image of how Stonehenge’s new environmentally sensitive visitor centre will look Tortuous battle to agree design for visitor centre is finally resolved. The Independent

Lighting Science Corporation Blazes a New Trail for LED Streetlights

from Green Options by Tina Casey

Lighting Sciences Corporation has developed a new LED technology that outperforms existing LED streetlights.Lighting Science Corporation has just announced a new breakthrough in high efficiency LED (light emitting diode) technology that outperforms existing LED streetlights, providing an even greater incentive for the nation’s roadways and institutions to make the switch from standard streetlights to more sustainable LED lighting.

The new LEDs, dubbed the PROLIFIC Series Roadway Luminaires, offer substantial savings over conventional HID (high intensity discharge) streetlighting. Lighting Science also claims that PROLIFIC performs up to nearly 90 lumens per watt, giving it a big advantage over current LED technology, which performs at up to 60 lumens per watt. To sweeten the payback even more, federal stimulus funds are available for cities to make the switch from conventional lighting to LED.

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macoto murayama: inorganic flora

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based on his research of botanical drawings and photography the japanese artist macoto murayama
created the collection ‘inorganic flora’: a new form of plant depiction that transcends accepted
(common, usual) horizons of botanical illustration’.

Bunny BioEnergy? Rabbits Killed During Cull Heat Homes in Stockholm

from Green Options by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Bunny Rabbit

In order to protect the trees and shrubs from damage in area parks, thousands of rabbits are culled in Stockholm neighborhoods every year. Last year alone, nearly 6,000 rabbits were killed during the annual cull. The rabbits are shot by specially hired people armed with a “special rifle.” The rabbits are usually killed at the first crack of dawn, as they peek out of their rabbit holes.

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Critical Populism

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200910-w-ugly-belarus.jpg Travel and Leisure selects the worlds 15 ugliest buildings. Read Via Think Progress’s Matthew Yglesias