british pavilion at expo 2010

a construction worker in front of the seed cathedral part of the british pavilion
images via the big picture

with 43 days to go until the opening of the shanghai world expo 2010, construction
is nearing completion for all pavilions.

here is an update of the british pavilion designed by thomas heatherwick of heatherwick studio.

the 20 meter high cube like structure is pierced by 60,000 slim and transparent acrylic rods.
the centerpiece of the pavilion is the seed cathedral, where visitors will be able to explore a variety
of seeds of different plants featured on the end of each rod.

the cathedral represents UK’s understanding of ‘better city, better life,’ which also reflects
how biological diversity has influenced and improved people’s life
,’ heatherwick stated.

construction of the 20 meter high cube like structure

workers take a break in front of the pavilion

inside the pavilion seeds are imprinted on the ends of the rods

rendering of pavilion

ridhika db 03.19.10


i can see an implicitly visual UNION JACK forming on the surface……wonder if it would be clearer had they have used blue rods on a red surface!…

love it!…love it!

kd@SHIDA 03.19.10

very good

Q 03.20.10

trés magnifique

yoo na 03.20.10

It looks dumb. Like a bush.

James Murphy 03.20.10

Impressed! Love the meaning behind it!

Kosby 03.20.10

i kind of have to agree with james murphy… It should be beautiful and the close up shot of the seeds is really pretty but when you step back and look at the whole thing, it looks a bit ridiculous. The shape just isn’t that attractive.

Pedro 03.20.10

glad we’re demonstrating our national environmental commitment…rendering seeds impotent by smothering them in plastic just about sums it up 🙂

looksnicetho 03.20.10

Fabulous! I wonder how creativity has no limits !

Celeste Raposo 03.21.10

A perverted sex toy, and I bet the workers are like “What the hell are we building here” 😀

AA 03.21.10

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It’s great when the finished product matches the artist’s impression.

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