I’ve been trying to determine the progression of commuters to public transport from driving for some time.

It somewhat defies logic that you would give up the convenience of driving for the horrors of public transport (If you’re not from Melbourne you probably won’t agree).

All in all I think the answer is fairly simple.

1. Since 2000 a reduction in on street parking, and the advent of green buildings with less parking spots.
2. An increase in levies on parking spots in the CBD
3. An increase in parking fines
4. Significant increases in the number of people working in CBD’s combined with green buildings that have less parking spots per person.
5. Empty building sites that where being used as temporary parking sites replaced by buildings.
6. Increased petrol prices
7. Increase road congestion due to greater number of CBD workers

When you add these all together public transport didn’t need to do anything! People were just looking for alternatives.

I guess the only problem was that many of the factors where driven by local councils and developers, where public transport is typically a state based issue. Given the complexity of public transport state government didn’t have the time to respond to public transport growth and hence the terrible congestion.

In there future we really need to look at transport as an integrated system where change to one part can affect the whole.