Looks like i’m not the only one thinking about closed loop systems.

SB10 is a Euroregional scientific conference on sustainable building that takes place on 11, 12, and 13 October in Maastricht, Hasselt, Liège and Aachen respectively. The conference is being organised by four Euroregional academies and organisations from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. An ambitious theme has been chosen which is also the slogan of the conference: Towards zero impact buildings and environments.

The scientific themes of the conference are organized around: materials, buildings, neighbourhoods, cities and regions.
Participants have had the opportunity to deliver abstracts on research and projects in the field of strategies, architecture, product development, resource management and analyses related to: 1. zero impact buildings in general
2. zero energy buildings and strategies
3. zero materials approaches and strategies
4. zero water areas and strategies
5. zero ground usage
6. zero polluted air areas
7. technologies and management for energy efficiency
8. instruments and evaluations for zero approaches
9. zero impact cities and regions
10. environmentally/energy neutral cities
11. urban agriculture
12. zero refuse districts
13. zero fossil fuel-burning transport
14. instruments for cities and district zero approaches
15. policy and implementation of zero approaches