Watching Godfrey Reggio’s commentary on his film Koyaanisqatsi.

The film was quite revolutionary in 1982, and although we now see it as a commentary on the impact on humans on the environment. The original concept was show the the transition of humanity from living in a natural environment to a manufactured technological environment.

I find this a fascinating concept as if followed to its conclusion humanity can create and live in a totally manufactured and sustainable environment that segregates us from the natural environment.

So what would it take to achieve this?

At the moment we use nature as a open loop system. We source our water, energy, food from the natural environment.

To achieve segregation and sustainability we need to move to a closed loop. Recycling our water, reclaiming energy from waste and by-products and limiting the input of new resources into our cities.

A perfect example would be a city built on another planet (say Mars). You have no choice but to achieve the above.

If we are going to have 6-9 Billion industrialised people living on this planet I doubt we can continue to use the planet as our open loop or buffer. Sustainability needs to be the responsibility of every development and person.