With pedestrians and cyclists reclaiming the streets there has been a distinct move to provide pedestrian linkages between existing communities. Typically new development has “used” existing open space essentially creating a barrier to which a pedestrian would have to walk around. Although CDB developments allow the pedestrian transit for commercial gain via shops and food courts.

While in the UK the Chelsea Barracks development is being held up for similar reasons other developments have embraced open space.

Architects globally have come up with some interesting projects maintain open space or pedestrian cross links while undertaking some considerable development.

Horizontal Skyscraper – Shenzen

By elevating the building connectivity with an adjacent park has been maintained.

Museumplein – Amsterdam

An underground car park and supermarket that maintains parkland above ground.

Laneway Architecture – Melbourne

Introducing laneways between new developments to enhance pedestrian linkage.

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Horizontal Skyscraper
Museumplein – Wikipedia