Let suppose your a developer who a couple of years ago decided to to have a nice green high rise office building.

You would have gone out and asked your design team for a 5 Stars Greenstar and 4.5 stars AGBR (now NABERS Energy), and congratulations you achieve those design ratings.

12 to 18 months later you decide to upgrade your ratings to As-Built, yet in this case you only achieve 4 Stars Greenstar and 4 Stars NABERS Energy. It’s unfortunate but your building wasn’t quite as energy efficient as planned. To top up your rating and make your tenants happy you buy a little green power (say 20%) this increases your rating back to 4.5 stars NABERS Energy.

The government now that they have legislated Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) say that you can’t use your green power for promoting your building.

So where does this leave you?

Well until 1st November 2011 you have 5 different ratings all of which are valid. After 2011 you must advertise the As-Built NABERS rating without green power so your back to 4 Stars.

What do you do for your tenants who want and have a 4.5 star building but you can only call it 4 star? I would assume that any building owner who is purchasing green power would stop and spend the extra cash on energy efficiency upgrades to reclaim that elusive .5 stars.

Overall we are headed into a murky world of star ratings that will confuse building owners and tenants alike.

My suggestion, don’t promise anything at all don’t mention Green Star or NABERS just say you’re building a green building. It is likely that we will have a few court cases with tenants paying a premium for office space that does not live up to expectations.

As green star say; ratings are entered into voluntarily and issued solely at their discretion.