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Yamaha is encouraging people to get on their bikes and ride to work instead of driving their cars.

Yesterday (June 18th) was Ride to Work Day – an event held across the country. The aim of the initiative is to show people how they can enjoy their commute to work on a scooter or motorbike.

Yamaha is supporting the initiative and wants to demonstrate the benefits of taking this mode of transport for both the wider community and individuals. One of the best things about riding on a regular basis is that it helps to reduce congestion on local roads.

Furthermore, people can lower the amount of time it takes them to travel each day, while they could also find they do not have to pay as much for their travel.

Yamaha has supported the initiative by encouraging its staff members that usually drive to work but have a bike licence to use two wheels instead. The employees then coordinated their route and 12 riders congregated at the firm’s Brooklands Surrey headquarters.

The group then followed the Olympic Cycle route around the North Downs before passing near Guildford and returning to the office.

Marketing Manager at Yamaha Simon Belton said: “It’s great to see non-regular and new riders get the bug too, all resulting from this great initiative that we as an industry support.”

To mark Ride to Work Day, organisations including dealerships, biker-friendly cafes, pubs, manufacturers and bike clubs all held events.

“There are quite a few Yamaha staff who regularly ride to work, easing local congestion, getting to work and back reliably and generally having fun whilst doing it,” Mr Belton added.

Even those who do not currently ride a motorbike can get involved. By contacting the organisers they can get paired up with a more experienced motorcyclist who will be their riding buddy for the day.

Alternatively, individuals can use the Get On website to book a free one-hour motorcycle trial session with a qualified instructor to see if they enjoy the experience.

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