We’ve already seen plenty of green-minded urban inspiration from UK-based media agency CURB over the years, but recently we came across a related effort from Mexican nonprofit VerdMX. Specifically, through a new campaign dubbed “Respira,” or “Breathe,” the company has been working with Nissan Mexicana to install numerous living vertical garden sculptures throughout the public spaces of Mexico City.

As a way to promote its environmental commitment, Nissan recently partnered with VerdMX to fund the installation of the vertical garden sculptures in Mexico City. In addition to offering an eye-catching splash of green in otherwise gray urban spaces, such gardens also help to improve air quality, absorb noise, reduce “heat island” temperatures, minimize flooding, and generally improve the quality of life for residents, VerdMX says. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

There seems to be no end to the myriad ways in which living plants can be used for the benefit of all in overbuilt urban spaces. Brands and eco-minded entrepreneurs: one to emulate in the concrete jungle near you?

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