Photo: Continental

In racing and on the road, the crash after the crash can sometimes be the difference between a dented door panel and Medevac. In hopes of preventing these secondary crashes, Continental, a German tire, braking, and stability control developer, has created Post Crash Braking Technology that slows the car automatically after an impact.

PCBT, part of the company’s full ContiGuard safety system, detects a crash from the car’s airbag sensors. It then electronically applies the brakes automatically to slow the car to a stop if the driver can’t operate the pedals due to disorientation or unconsciousness from the impact. The system uses stability control data to keep the vehicle from skidding or locking the brakes.

If the driver is aware and depresses either pedal – say, to move the car out of range from oncoming traffic – the system will disengage and give the driver full control. Without any driver intervention, the system will bring the vehicle to a stop within a safe distance.

Continental is working with an undisclosed German vehicle manufacturer to integrate the system, but look for a debut from a Teutonic marque within the next few years. Whether this tech proves to be a help or a hinderance will be determined when functioning prototypes appear for testing.

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