We’ve already seen a mobile app focused on rating brands’ attitudes toward child labor, but recently we came across a like-minded browser plug-in that goes further. Now available for Safari and Google Chrome, aVOID helps consumers stay away from products associated with the exploitation of children.

Created through a campaign by German Earthlink, aVOID currently works with all major online shops in the US, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, including Asos, Yoox, Amazon, Target, Macys, Zalando, Google Shopping, Frontlineshop and Otto. Users simply install the plug-in – which will be available for Firefox in the near future, the company says – and then shop online as usual. Using data from Active Against Child Labour, the plug-in automatically filters out products associated with child exploitation, helping consumers avoid such products altogether.

Brands have long recognized that a significant proportion of shoppers are ethically motivated. How could you help them find what they’re looking for — or avoid what they’re not?

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Spotted by: Murray Orange


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