I’m just reviewing documents for an interiors fitout project at the moment and I’m very impressed by the work of the architect and builder in recycling on the project.

Of the 2518.97kg of waste produced on the building site only 23.4kg went to landfill. Everything else was either reused or recycled.

The 23.4kg of waste was solely made up from builders lunches and consumables.

This shows that San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s construction waste recycling target of 75% is very achievable.

Now how do we get rid of the 23kg!


I recently noted a technical clarification from the Green Building Council that caught my attention.

“For projects that are delivered as shell-and-core, the GBCA will be issuing submission guidelines that will illustrate how this form of project delivery will affect the projects’ compliance with affected credits.”

I asked the Green Building Council about these guidelines as I’d never seen or heard of them and was directed the As-Installed Intergrated / Shell & Core guidelines

This really confused me as my two affected project as Design Only and not As-Installed.

The Green Building Councils response was “Office Design projects can infer from these guidelines how they should address shell & core projects from a Green Star point of view”

So as I see it now to complete a Greenstar submission you need to abide by the following documents:

  • Greenstar Guide
  • CIRs and Technical Clarifications
  • General Submission requirements
  • Specific guides (docuemntation guides etc)
  • And as they said above “inferred guidelines”

No wonder Greenstar makes my head hurt!

An interesting project that I worked on recently involved looking at affect of wind in the atrium and corridors and a six story office building.

I produced this rather pretty CFD model which show that indeed the air speed would increase through the corridors.

This steemed from a simply query from the architect and as we already had the CFD model for the building it was a rather simple task to produce this information. The upshot is that the architect as able to make a quanatative assesment of the design and modifactions required.

Wind Modelling

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